ISIS Coordinates Complex Attack With Drones

first published on December 31, 2015 by

In a recent propaganda film produced by ISIS, we see them using drones to coordinate attacks against Iraqi Army positions.

We were hoping the first time we brought you footage like this, it would be coalition forces using it to smash ISIS. Unfortunately, ISIS has beaten everyone to the punch. It’s important that we take a good hard look at this footage though, there is a lot we can learn.

In this video we see Daesh effectively using a drone to coordinate an attack against the Iraqi Army. During this video, there are points that cut back to a feed in what appears to be a command and control center. From there, ISIS leaders are giving commands via radio to their troops on the ground, and providing them with live intelligence of the developing battlefield.

Note: The audio of this video was left in tact. Keeping that in mind, some viewers may want to mute the audio.

It’s eerie to see this a couple of months after we first brought you drone combat footage. We knew that it was only a matter of time until this technology was used effectively on the battlefield. All leaders, in all branches of service around the world, need to take a hard look at this video, and evaluate it’s effectiveness.

Drones Are Dangerous

This tool is something that should be in the rucksack of every unit leader. The intelligence these small, inexpensive drones, can provide to an infantry squad is invaluable. With these tools in the hands of small unit leaders, warfare will change forever.