ISIS Conducts A Textbook IED Attack Against The Iraqi Army

first published on August 7, 2016 by

A textbook IED attack rockets an Iraqi Army humvee high into the air. The explosion itself hits so hard that the soldiers inside are ejected.

During a textbook IED attack by ISIS, Iraqi Soldiers are sent flying through the air. Everything about this attack is taken directly out of the insurgent’s handbook for improvised explosives. From the aiming stake, and positioning of the device, straight to the type of explosives used. We’ve been watching this happen for the past decade and a half, but the Iraqi Army must have been sleeping.

It’s almost as if the extra time we spent in Iraq teaching them how to combat these tactics never even happened. In order for knowledge to be passed down to new troops, the old troops have to retrain the tactics. Apparently that never happened though, because if it had these Soldiers would have spotted this IED and survived.


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