Moment of Terror: CCTV Footage of ISIS Attack on Christian Church in Pakistan

first published on December 18, 2017 by

CCTV footage of savage terrorist attack on a Christian Church in Quetta, Pakistan yesterday. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack that left nine people dead and wounding more than 50 others.

CCTV footage captures the moment two suicidal ISIS militants attack a busy Christian Church during a Christmas celebration in Pakistan yesterday. One attacker was shot dead by police, the other detonated an explosive vest; the blast has killed at least nine people thus far and wounded over 50.

The first attacker approaches the church gate dressed in civilian clothes and spotting the gate ajar, quickly produces an AK-47 from under his cloak and lunges for the open entry. Fortunately for everyone inside the Church, someone out of view of the surveillance cam (possible a policemen) slams the door in the attacker’s face and thwarts the initial assault.

Suddenly, a second figure comes running down the street towards the scuffle at the gate. A Pakistani policeman now on the wall above the gate engages the attacker – causing him to embarrassingly fall. Donning an ammunition vest and brandishing another AK, he scrambles to his feet and then oddly runs back in the direction he came.

The first assailant is still trying to make entry at the front gate and eventually he is joined by his accomplice. On the other side of the wall, several figures can be seen moving around and one on a cell phone. The terrorists begin to work together to scale the wall – the video concludes with one successfully scaling the gate.