Video: ISIS Uses Chemical Weapons Against Iraqi Troops In Mosul?!?!

first published on March 16, 2017 by

A recent news report documenting the battle for the west side of Mosul shows Rudaw war correspondents embedded with Iraqi forces during offensive dismounted operations as they come under attack from possible chemical weapons from an ISIS mortar team.

chemical weapons

The reporters and fighters are forced to retreat, gagging and unable to see. Given the troops appeared to survive the attack with temporary debilitating injuries, I would assume the chemical used was some sort of CS gas, which is a very potent version of tear gas.

Yet, reports have come from American volunteer medical doctors in Mosul claiming that they are 100 percent sure that they have encountered victims of Sulfur mustard or mustard agents, which cause much more adverse and deadly outcomes than CS gas.

chemical weapons

However, days after that report, the Iraqi government claimed that there is no such evidence to back those claims that WMD chemical weapons were used in Mosul. While that may or may not be factual, the truth about WMD chemical weapons in Iraq has been suppressed by both the Iraqi and US government for years.

Did you know that we actually DID find WMDs in Iraq? Seriously. Multiple US troops actually became victims of exposure to mustard agents during OIF. In all, US troops found a reported ~5,000 chemical warheads and bombs. The reason it was never made public to validate our invasion into Iraq is an embarrassing one. They were weapons we gave to Saddam to use against the Iranians during the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980’s… the same chemical weapons that were used to gas and kill 5,000 Kurds in 1988. That’s not exactly information the Bush administration wanted the media to get ahold of during a publicly unsupported war.

So, were illegal chemical weapons recently used by ISIS in Mosul? Maybe. Maybe not. If they were, it’s not likely we will be told the truth considering their probable origin.