ISIS in Afghanistan Ambush ANA Troops with IED’s and Small Arms

first published on July 18, 2019 by

The ISIS presence in Afghanistan lingers amidst pressure from the Afghan National Army (ANA) and supporting US/NATO Allies. However, this fledging emirate of the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISIS-K) still poses a lethal threat in or near its strongholds.

ISIS-K emerged in Afghanistan in 2014 and has limited control of a few rural districts in Afghanistan’s north and eastern provinces. Unable to gain widespread local support like their Taliban adversaries, they have instead staged hit and run raids from mountain hideouts and have conducted terrorist bombings in numerous population centers.

The video below is from a recent propaganda release by ISIS-K detailing a purported attack on the ANA somewhere in Afghanistan. An Afghan vehicle mounted patrol enters the narrow streets of a small rural village, where the militants begin their attack utilizing small arms and several pre-planted IED’s. Scoring several hits on ANA vehicles, the soldiers briefly attempt to rescue any wounded and salvage any equipment while the militants continue to attack. Firing from multiple directions, ISIS-K causes enough confusion in the ANA patrol to eventually force the Afghan troops to withdraw.


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