Iron Dome Working Overtime: 300 Rockets Launched Into Israel

first published on November 13, 2018 by

Videos from around social media shows Israel’s Iron Dome batteries working overtime as Hamas indiscriminately launched a massive barrage of 300 rockets and mortar rounds into Israel.

iron dome

Day and night videos document sirens blaring as the Iron Dome munitions seek out and destroy incoming artillery. As advanced as the system is, rockets and mortar rounds are still getting through, as it cannot wholly keep up to the amount of incoming munitions.

Eleven people have reportedly been wounded in Israel as a result of the Hamas rocket barrage. Israel responded with dozens of airstrikes. The impact of those strikes is not currently known.

However, one of the airstrikes targeted the Hamas’ media center “al Aqsa,” but after attempting to clear the building of people with “door knocking” munitions. The al Aqsa channel was soon broadcasting again from a backup location.

Violence between Israel and the Palestinians escalated to new highs after an Israeli special forces raid killed a senior Hamas leader during an operation that went awry. An Israeli lieutenant colonel was also killed in the raid. The current violence has surpassed anything since the 2014 Operation Protective Edge, in which the IDF conducted offensive operations into Gaza in response to rocket attacks.