Iraqi Tunnel Rat Saved From Booby Trap By Excavator Bucket

first published on August 23, 2018 by

A member of the Iraqi Army volunteers to enter a suspected Islamic State tunnel system, and has a close encounter with an ISIS booby trap.

Tunnel Rat

After reports of a suspected Islamic State tunnel system came in, members of the Iraqi Army were dispatched to conduct a close investigation. Once at the location of the suspected tunnel system, the Iraqi Army members can be seen doing one of two things, pulling out their phones to record what is about to happen, or forming a tight security perimeter that will allow them to further investigate the suspected enemy position.

Ali Hussein, one of the Iraqi Soldiers present, volunteered to enter the mouth of the system first using the bucket of an excavator. In a throwback to American Tunnel Rats in Vietnam, the soldier is lowered down to the mouth of the tunnel entrance so that he can inspect the area. On the way down, the excavator bucket triggers a booby trap made from a hand grenade. While rattled by the explosion, Hussein is uninjured and manages to finish his inspection where he finds a group of Islamic State insurgents.

Once spotted, Hussein engages the terrorists inside of the hole with his M16 before requesting to be pulled out of the entrance. According to the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, the Soldiers pulled out of the area and conducted an airstrike. Eight bodies, 43 explosive devices and a number of rifles and mobile phones were found inside of the system during a battle damage assessment conducted by the same Iraqi Soldiers.


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