Iraqi Soldier Injured When Suicide Vehicle Detonates Extremely Close

first published on November 3, 2016 by

As Iraqi soldiers advance on Daesh positions in Mosul, Iraq, they are constantly reminded about the zealotry of their barbaric adversaries in the city.

Barbarism in the norm within the ranks of Daesh fighters. Every day we see brutal new beheading videos and executions being released by the group’s propaganda arm. It is important to remember that the propaganda is a reality with the group. They are barbarians, incapable of normal human feelings. It is the only way that they would be capable of conducting this number of suicide attacks.

Desperation and fear must be setting in strong, because every day there are a dozen, or more, suicide attacks being conducted against Peshmerga and Iraqi forces that are attacking the city. It doesn’t matter how hard they attack with suicide bombings, because in the end, they will all be destroyed and removed from the city of Mosul.


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