Iraqi Security Forces Removing an IED are Ambushed by ISIS

first published on February 15, 2019 by

Iraqi security forces attempting to remove an IED emplaced on a road are ambushed by concealed ISIS fighters. Completely exposed and caught in the open, they seek cover in a ditch as rounds zip over their heads.

A small group of Iraqi security forces are attempting to remove a likely command detonated IED from a roadside somewhere in Iraq. After some initial caution locating and tracing the command wire, they take the unadvisable step of continuously yanking on it in their efforts to diffuse the bomb. Luckily for them, the explosive does appear to be strictly command detonated and not have a wireless or secondary trigger. Emboldened by this development, they then unambiguously expose themselves even with some uncleared buildings just a short distance down the road.

With their element now completely exposed, gun fire from the nearby buildings ring out and sends the confused Iraqi troops scrambling in all directions. The concealed ISIS fighters continue targeting them as they seek cover in a shallow roadside ditch. Round after round hiss and zing over their heads while they attempt to locate the shooters.