Graphic Video Shows Iraqi Authorities “Sniping” Protestors With Tear Gas Grenades

first published on November 11, 2019 by

Multiple graphic videos have surfaced from the anti government demonstrations in Iraq in which protestors are being struck directly with 40mm tear gas grenades.

tear gas grenades

We have compiled some of the clips into a single video and embedded it below. Again, this video is extremely graphic so discretion is advised before watching it.

Iraqi security forces and pro-Iranian militias (PMU) are cracking down hard on the protestors in an attempt to drive them from downtown Baghdad. Approximately 270 people have been killed in the six weeks of Protests, with a reported 15,000 injured.

Getting struck by a tear gas grenade is something that happens in protests on occasion, but in this case, the frequency in which people being directly pinpointed by the projectiles shows it is anything but a bad coincidence. They are being targeted.

Over the past weeks, protestors have also been shot by snipers, kidnapped, and “disappeared” by pro-Iranian forces.