Iraqi Kurds Reportedly Kill 20 Turkish Troops In Attack On Base

first published on June 17, 2019 by

Iraqi Kurds of the Southern Kurdistan Defense Forces (SKDF) released a video showing an accurate mortar attack on a Turkish military base near Zakho or Amedi in Dohuk province north of Mosul.

iraqi kurds

The SKDF claim that 20 Turkish troops were killed in the attack, with additional significant damage to structures and vehicles. That casualty report cannot be confirmed.

From the video we can see what appears to be a mortar barrage striking the occupied base. A quonset-shaped dwelling, likely a barracks, takes a direct hit. Within minutes it is engulfed in flames. The fire spreads to nearby structures. Just to the right, out of frame, more rounds land on similar structures resulting in fires.

The SKDF are well-trained and experienced militants. They fought against ISIS in Sinjar, Kobani, and Kirkuk.