Iraqi Insurgents Attack Marine Outpost And Instantly Regret The Decision

first published on July 15, 2017 by

Iraqi insurgents make the very wrong decision of attacking a Marine combat outpost. They instantly meet the business end of a machine gun and die.

In a very poorly planned attempt to make a propaganda video, members of the Iraqi insurgency quickly learn that Marines aren’t the guys to mess with. They brazenly roll up on a Marine combat outpost, and take a few pot shots from the back of their unarmored pickup truck with the intent on overrunning the position. Instantaneously they are met with fire superiority from a post manned by a Marine behind a machine gun.


The Marine gives the insurgents a lesson in accurate small arms fire, and reveals to them the fact that their Toyota pickup truck is an unarmored vehicle that melts like Swiss cheese. As the insurgents try to break contact with the Marine, they learn about the exploitation phase of combat, and every single one of them dies.

The Marines recovered the footage from the cameraman’s camera, and this is the result.


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