Iraqi Helicopters Drop A House On ISIS Fighters

first published on October 17, 2015 by

Members of the Iraqi Army watch as their air support crushes an ISIS position inside of a house.

A mixed section of Iraqi aviation absolutely decimates a house in Baiji Iraq. ISIS Fighters inside were shooting at members of the Iraqi Army until the Iraqi Army got bored of not being able to advance. They called up their rotor wing support, and recorded the devastation.

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The action seen in this video is currently taking place in Baiji, Iraq. The city is at the center of a crossroad which the Iraqi Army has deemed necessary for them to advance on multiple fronts against ISIS, to include Al Anbar Province.

Iraqi Army

Fighting in the city has been extremely tough over the past few days. In the most northern portion of the city, Iraqi Army seized an oil refinery from IS fighters. Fighting at the refinery left 6 Iraqi forces killed, and 15 IS fighters dead. Scores of wounded jihadi fighters have been seen evacuating the area.

As it stands, the Iraqi Army, Police, and members of the Hashed al-Shaabi militia control roughly 60% of the city. They continue to push ISIS out of Baiji, and have high hopes that they will be able to use the city as a staging point for follow on operations.


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