Iraqi Forces Withstand Massive ISIS VBIED & Ensuing Attack

first published on July 23, 2017 by

Iraqi security forces, likely Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), are attacked on the side of a road with a massive ISIS VBIED and follow-on attack.

A recent cellphone video likely released by Iraqi PMU propogandists, details a column of armored vehicles and dismounted forces spread out along a desert highway in the final shimmers of the day’s sunlight. Some audible but sporadic gunfire runs fore and aft of the cameraman, and the attitude amongst the militiamen appears largely unconcerned. Just a few moments later, an enormous fireball that temporarily halts the fading sunlight explodes just a scant hundred meters up the column.

Within a few seconds of the fiery detonation, the follow-on ISIS attack commences. Tracers from across the dimly lit horizon streak in, sailing just over the heads of the Iraqi forces. The PMU fighters quickly man their crew-served weapons and begin returning fire against the attacking daesh. This extended exchange sends red and yellow tracers arcing into the sky and in every dramatic direction. The Iraqi forces eventually wing out on the ISIS flank, hitting the daesh militants with an RPG and concluding the video.