Iraqi BMP Knocks Out ISIS SVBIED Moments Before Impact

first published on August 9, 2018 by

An Iraqi BMP operated by Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) knocks out an ISIS SVBIED just a few moments before hitting a friendly position. The highly-mobile bomb detonates in a large fireball after the gunner scores a lucky hit.

A familiar scene in Iraq unfolds as an ISIS SVBIED emerges from the vast desert with multiple fires burning in the distance and quickly charges advancing friendly forces. The PMU’s are spread out across the plain with dismounts closely huddled around their vehicles. Several gunners quickly engage the approaching threat and some vehicles attempt to retreat, but none score a hit.

The BMP located at the cameraman’s location patiently waits as the situation rapidly develops. Tracking the approaching SVBIED, it fires and scores a hit; erupting in a large fireball just a short distance from a friendly position.

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