Massive Minivan SVBIED Ambushes Iraqi Armored Convoy

first published on September 30, 2017 by

An armored convoy of Iraqi troops is ambushed by a massive Islamic State SVBIED. The humvee escapes, but the tank took the hit.

An armored convoy lead by an Iraqi M1A1 Abrams tank finds themselves in an ambush by the Islamic State. This isn’t a typical ambush however, instead of small arms, and indirect fire, they are being ambushed by a massive Islamic State SVBIED.

The vehicle appears to be some sort of minivan that is heavily armored with improvised plates to protect the driver. The humvee immediately reverses out of the situation in order to protect itself and the people inside, but the tank doesn’t have the time to react to the situation. While the tank crew is most likely rattled by the explosion, chances are high that they survived the explosion and continued the fight.

It is unclear where and when this video was recorded, but we believe that it could have been taken during the Battle for Mosul earlier in 2017.


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