Video: Iraqi Troops Throwing ISIS Fighters Off Of Cliff

first published on July 15, 2017 by

A video has surfaced showing Iraqi Army soldiers beating suspected Islamic State militants and then throwing them off a cliff on the banks of the Tigris River near Mosul.


The clip is just one of several recently revealed videos showing abuses or executions of detainees by Iraqi government troops in Mosul, where Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi just declared “total victory.”

The following video shows Iraqi troops kicking and dragging around detainees. The suspected ISIS fighters are covered in blood from the beatings. They drag one man to the edge of a cliff, where bodies are already scattered below and are being used for target practice. The man is then flung off the ledge. He slams onto the ground just before several soldiers open fire on him.

WARNING: Graphic Content

Editors note from Josh: Japanese soldiers on Iwo Jima were told that if they surrendered to Marines they would be tortured, treated like animals, and murdered. Most of them fought until the death or killed themselves instead of being taken.

Those who surrendered were instead met by civil American Marines who treated their injuries, shared tobacco and water with them, and followed the rules of the Geneva convention to the letter. Proving everything that the Japanese government had been telling them was a lie.

No better friend, no worse enemy. That is how you defeat an ideology. Not by throwing those who surrender off of a cliff and shooting them in a video that will go viral on the internet to fan the flames of recruitment and zealotry.