Iranian “Special” Forces Fail Miserably During Ceremony

first published on December 29, 2016 by

Iranian “Special” Forces attempt to dazzle the crowd with sweet roundhouse karate kicks but end up failing miserably. My question is this: Who has ever been impressed by a martial arts show where they break stuff by kicking and punching? Not me. It’s just so lame. I’ll even go as far as dogging on just about every martial arts hand to hand self defense demonstration I’ve seen as well. You know the one’s where the attacker has to hold the knife or gun out and basically hand it to the defender so they can disarm you. It’s corny as hell.

I remember this one time in grade school during an assembly, these giant dudes came in and started smashing these obviously fake bricks with their bare hands. They did it for about 5 minutes and then starting preaching God for the next 45 minutes. That’s what these silly jump kick shows make me think of every time. I almost feel bad for these soldiers that were set up to fail.

However, I don’t speak Farsi or whatever they’re jabbering in. So it is possible that these generals were actually deciding if they should give the vase maker the contract to make all the vases for the Iranian military. If that were the case, I’m pretty sure he got the bid.