Iranian Military Power 2018: What We’re Up Against

first published on June 27, 2018 by

Iran, the longtime unofficial enemy of the West, may be in the process of collapsing in on itself. Their economy is tanking as they continue to fund their operations in Syria and Iraq, arm the Houthis against the Saudis in Yemen, and support Hamas against Israel.


Their supposed allies, the Russians and Syrians, are turning a blind eye to Israeli strikes against Iranian targets in Syria. Neither the Syrian or Russian government want Iranian influence in the Syrian government. Iranian troops and associated militant groups have now started wearing Syrian uniforms in an attempt to reduce foreign strikes against them.

The streets of Iran are currently covered in protestors wanting an end to their government’s foreign activities that are costing them on the home front. It’s more likely that Iran will overthrow itself before we do… However, we can still take a minute to watch this high-octane moto video that highlights the strength and capabilities of the Iranian military to see what we would be dealing with should it come to that.


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