Air Superiority: U.S. Shoots Down A Second Iranian Drone Over Syria

first published on June 20, 2017 by

In addition to the Iranian drone shot down earlier this month over At Tanf, and the Syrian Su-22 attack aircraft shot down just days ago, a U.S. F-15E has just downed a third pro-Syrian regime aircraft, another Iranian Shaheed-120 (although it’s possible the report meant Shaheed-129) armed attack drone.

The drone was reportedly flying over Coalition forces in the vicinity of the US and UK Special Operations Forces forward operating base near At Tanf. At Tanf is being used as a staging and training base for Western-backed rebel forces.

Operation Inherent Resolve officials claimed the drone posed an imminent threat to Coalition forces and “…demonstrated hostile intent and actions of pro-regime forces toward coalition and partner forces in Syria conducting legitimate counter-ISIS operations will not be tolerated.”

Just yesterday, Russia threatened to shoot down any CJTF-OIR aircraft operating in western Syria. The U.S. seems to have replied with, “That’s cute.”


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