Iranian Proxies Shoot Down CENTCOM Reaper Drone, Miss A Second Drone

first published on June 17, 2019 by

CENTCOM has reported that an American MQ-9 Reaper drone was shot down on June 6, 2019 over Yemen by Houthi rebels armed with an Iranian-delivered SA-6 surface-to-air missile.


A week later, on June 13, another American Reaper drone was observing M/T Kokuka Courageous, one of the tankers the had been attacked by a suspected Iranian limpet mine, when Iranian proxy forces fired on it with an SA-7 missile but missed.

CENTCOM claims the tankers were attacked by the Iranian Islamic Republican Guard, which has recently been declared a terror organization by the US government. Iran denies that they attacked the tankers.

Just weeks ago, four other commercial vessels were sabotaged a well. Two UAE vessels, a Saudi tanker, and a Norwegian tanker, were attacked and damaged. Iran has been blamed for attacking those as well, and again, denied the allegations.

The following video shows the reported wreckage of the CENTCOM MQ-9 Reaper shot down on June 6, 2019.


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