Iranian-backed Militias Mob US Embassy In Baghdad

first published on December 31, 2019 by

These are not “protestors” or “demonstrators” mobbing the US Embassy in Baghdad, and it’s unclear why the mainstream media is reporting them as such.


The hundreds of men attempting to storm the embassy compound are militants of the Iranian-led Popular Mobilization Forces (PMU). They are of the same groups that launched the 30-rocket attack on the K1 military base in Kirkuk, which resulted in the death of a US citizen and wounded four US troops.

The men storming the US Embassy in Baghdad are a part of, or aligned with, the same Shia militia, Kataib Hizbollah, which the US recently struck in five locations across Iraq and Syria in response to the deadly rocket attack. Again, these men are not demonstrators or protestors, they are Iranian proxy militants. They are led by Abul Mahdi al-Muhandis, a US-designated terrorist, who was a former leader with the Jaysh al Mahdi, which was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of US troops during OIF.