Iran Erupts in Protest: Security Forces Violently Suppress Opposition

first published on January 3, 2018 by

Protests erupted in over two dozen cities across Iran this past week. Leaving over twenty reported dead, and Iranian security forces and Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) have begun cracking down against the largest civil upheaval to hit the country since 2009.

Protests erupted and spiraled into near revolt in over two dozen cities and towns across Iran this week. Enraging the despotic government in Tehran and resulting in the violent suppression of protesters by security forces – leaving at least 20 dead so far. According to the Washington Post,

“On Dec. 28, protests broke out in the northern city of Mashhad, spurred at first by concern over the country’s stunted economy and the high prices of basic goods like eggs, which saw a 40 percent jump in price. Over the next six days, the protests in more than two dozen towns would turn into an open rebellion against Iran’s Islamic leadership itself.”

The Iranian government has purportedly disabled certain social media in the country, attempting to thwart coordination between various groups that are spread across several provinces. This tight government control and the lack of economic stability has taken its toll on the lower and middle classes in recent years. Organically fueling the anger of much of the countries unemployed youth.

This recent string of violent protests against the Iranian government is the most serious to affect the country since 2009. At that time, Iranians protested dubious election results for nearly six months before the Revolutionary Guard brutally ended the opposition. Today, pro-government marches occurred in at least 10 cities, countering the anti-government sentiments.

Disaffected by the dreadful Iranian economy and government’s military spending, thousands of young Iranians have taken to Iran’s streets. The video below highlights the burning resentment of the people, and the growing violence and brutality of the government across the country.


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