Iran Fires Ballistic Missiles At ISIS In Syria: Launch And Impact Video

first published on June 19, 2017 by

Iran fired ballistic missiles into Syria on Monday, targeting Islamic State forces in supposed retaliation for twin terror attacks in Tehran on June 7th.

The Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) said that several “ground-to-ground, mid-range missiles targeted Takfiri (ISIS) forces in the Deir Ezzor region in Eastern Syria.”

The strikes mark the first time Iran has fired ballistic missiles with hostile intent in around 30 years. The operation is being interpreted as an escalation of involvement for Iran in the Syrian conflict.

The following video shows the launch and outbound missiles, as well as a single impact, reportedly recorded by an Iranian military drone. The battle damage assessment (BDA) of the missiles is not yet known, however, there’s talk of those specific missiles having an accuracy deviation of ~500 meters, which would likely render the strikes irresponsibly ineffective.


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