Iran Calls Trump A Retard

first published on June 26, 2019 by

In an angry, frustrated response to the US raising new economic sanctions against Iran for shooting down a $120 million US surveillance drone over the Strait of Hormuz, President Hassan Rouhani called Trump a retard.


The new US sanctions specifically targeted Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, even putting him on a no-fly list into the US. Iran officials said the sanctions just permanently closed any chance for diplomacy between the two nations.

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani went on a rattled tangent of name-calling against the White House, calling the measures “outrageous and idiotic.” He went on to say the White House was afflicted by “mental retardation.”

Iran may have just stepped over a red line as triggered social justice warriors across the internet will be screaming for blood and nuke strikes in response to Rouhani using the word retard as a derogatory term.


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