Iran And USA Head To Head: Analysis Of Iran’s Capabilities

first published on May 28, 2019 by

The following video gives an interesting analysis of Iran’s military capabilities in the event a head to head fight against the USA would take place.


The video focuses heavily on on air superiority and anti air capabilities. Iran’s air fleet is aging, but significant. Their anti air missile systems are somewhat more impressive than their planes.

What the video fails to mention and analyze is the naval confrontations that would pose a real threat to the US and her allies. Iran has over 30 submarines that would begin targeting military and commercial vessels. In recent weeks, four oil tankers of US allies were sabotaged of the coast of UAE. Those naval attacks would escalate, and cause significant harm to the worldwide economy by crippling oil delivery and shutting down shipping lanes.

Additionally, a confrontation with Iran wouldn’t be an isolated fight. Russia would support their Iranian interests, although their level of involvement cannot be accurately predicted.