Lead Investigator In Murder Case Against Green Beret Exposed As Valor Fraud

first published on February 15, 2019 by

The Army’s lead investigator in the murder case against Green Beret MAJ Mathew Golsteyn has now been exposed and charged as a valor fraud for claiming multiple badges and combat awards he never earned. This new twist threatens the already controversial case against Golsteyn.


On Jan. 31, 2019, SFC Mark A. Delacruz, a special agent with Army Criminal Investigation Command, was charged with falsifying promotion files and other records claiming that he had earned a Purple Heart (he didn’t) and multiple other instances of unauthorized wearing of the Air Assault Badge, Pathfinder Badge, and the Combat Action Badge. The POG investigator hadn’t earned a single one of them.

Delacruz is said to be the main force for the murder case against Golsteyn. He is the one who questioned all the key witnesses and compiled all the evidence. However, with such lack of integrity, how can the case continue to hold up?

Golsteyn is being investigated for allegedly murdering a Taliban bomb maker in 2010. The incident was brought up during an interview process for a job position within the CIA, and the agency turned the information over to the Army’s Criminal Investigation Department.

However, Golsteyn’s defense is claiming the information from the interview has been taken grossly out of context and maliciously distorted to implicate him in wrongdoing.

Based on the horrendous mishandling of this case, Golsteyn has now waived his right to an Article 32, or probable cause hearing, and is pushing for the government to speed up the trial process or dismiss the charges.

“It is incredibly damaging to the case,” Vokey said. “That goes to the core of the integrity of CID. To me, it calls into question all of this new evidence they’ve brought against Matt Golsteyn,” Colby Vokey, a former Marine Corps Judge Advocate General officer who is now a civilian attorney practicing military law, said in an Army Times interview.


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