GoPro: Coast Guardsmen Interdict Drug Smuggling Operation

first published on January 10, 2018 by

Members of the Coast Guard Cutter Steadfast’s boarding team conduct a drug smuggling interdiction during an Eastern Pacific Ocean patrol. Everything is filmed on GoPro as the team stops and apprehends three drug smugglers carrying a total 1,347 pounds of cocaine. Some may be surprised to hear that this is a near every day occurrence for members of the United States Coast Guard.

Coast Guard Interdiction

When it comes to protecting our borders from drug cartels and smuggling operations, we often immediately think of border patrol units on ATVs and pickup trucks. The reality of the situation is a little bit different. Our borders don’t only start and end where we are land locked to other countries, and that’s where the Coast Guard comes in.

We may rib the Coasties a lot. Slang terms like Puddle Pirate get thrown around, and we often make fun of them for not actually being a part of the Department of Defense. At the end of the day however, these guys have teams running through shoot houses, practicing for hostage rescue situations, and conducting routine VBSS operations in defense our nation.

To date, the U.S. Coast Guard has seized more than three times the amount of cocaine headed to the United States than all other U.S. law enforcement agencies combined. Maybe that’s a little something we should give them credit for when we start talking about slashing their funding. These guys make billion dollar drug busts. Let’s let them keep working just as hard as they have been.


In the video below, members of the Coast Guard Cutter Steadfast’s boarding team conduct hard and fast drug interdiction. They speed up behind a small boat smuggling over a thousand pounds of cocaine, and stop it. They then apprehend the suspects, and take control of their vessel preventing it from ever getting into the United States. Instances like this happen on an almost weekly basis, and it almost never makes it to the forefront of media attention.

The Cutter Steadfast is home-ported in Astoria, Oregon for a little perspective. In this video, the Cutter and her crew were patrolling waterways known as drug transit zones in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. This particular piece of footage was recorded on November 22, 2017, and it shows the team conducting their every-day job. The sound was removed from the video that was publicly released for PerSec purposes.


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