Intense Street Fighting During Phantom Fury

first published on November 7, 2015 by

US Marines respond to a direct fire attack on Elizabeth Street, in Fallujah during Operation Phantom Fury.

Marines take contact to their rear as they patrol down Elizabeth Street in Fallujah. They respond with a heavy volume of accurate return fire. As the fighting rages, they pick up their suppression, to allow the assault-man to fire his SMAW rocket into the building.

These Marines conduct a spot on rocket attack, to eliminate an enemy threat inside of a large building. They initially respond to the contact by gaining fire superiority with a plethora of machine guns. Once fire superiority is gained, the rocket-man comes to the streets to drop the building on the enemies head.

Marine Street Suppression

This is a textbook response to contact. The Marines in the street return heavy volumes of accurate fire onto the threat. While they do this the assault-man moves to his cold position and preps the rocket in relative safety. Before firing the rocket you can hear the Marines suppressing pick up their rate of fire to an apocalyptic level. Once the suppression is at its peak the Marine with the rocket moves to his hot position in the street. He takes aim, his a-gunner clears his back blast area, and they drop the roof.

Problem solved, but we’ll hammer it with MK19 until tanks show up anyways.


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