Insurgents Expose Incompetence During Attack on Marine Base in Iraq

first published on July 14, 2018 by

A group of Al Qaeda in Iraq insurgents attack a Marine base allegedly occupied by Marines from 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marines. During their attack against the Marines, they show a complete lack of basic combat competence, and show that while insurgencies are dangerous most insurgents are not.


Insurgencies are generally formed out of grass roots movements against an occupying force. The groups in Iraq were no different, and some even displayed levels of combat awareness and competence and that made them a deadly threat to occupying coalition forces throughout Operation Iraqi Freedom. Skilled snipers, inventive improvised explosive teams, and extremely dedicated suicide bombers made up a minority of the insurgent fighters however, and when you stumble across a video like the one at the bottom of this article that becomes very apparent.

According to the source of this video, the tape was recovered at a weapons cache in Al-Karmah, Iraq during the deployment of the 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marines. During an attack on what was then known as OP-2 Alpha, a massive amount of insurgents attacked the Marine’s base in an attempt to distract the posts long enough for a suicide bomber to hit their location. The bombing was a success, as seen in the footage below, injuring 4 U.S. Marines and severely damaging a few containers of MREs.

Digging a little deeper into the contents of the video however reveals that the attacks was fully ineffective at doing anything other than distracting the Marines and using their aggressive nature against them. The insurgents try for several minutes to fire off a single RPG, and fail horribly. Several other gunmen repeatedly fire their weapons over a half-wall in a direction that is totally not in the vicinity of the Marine base managing to do nothing short of wasting ammunition. In the Marines fervor to get into the action and fight the insurgents however, the single competent insurgent manages to drive a suicide vehicle directly up to their position causing a minor amount of damage to the position they are occupying.

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