Insurgent Sniper Operation Goes Horribly Wrong

first published on September 15, 2015 by

An insurgent sniper team, in a van modified to be a mobile sniping platform, hunts the streets of Baghdad for American soldiers.

The sniper team is able to put a 7.62x54mm SVD round squarely onto the chest of U.S. Army medic, SPC Tschiderer.

The medic’s ballistic plate stops the round, and like a beast, he regains his footing, seeks cover, and identifies the source of enemy fire.

Now the insurgents become the hunted, and are pursued by an extremely pissed off platoon of G.I.s. The .50 gunner of the tailing Humvee puts the enemy vehicle out of commission, forcing them to flee on foot while wounded.

By following the insurgent’s blood trail, SPC Tschiderer is able to personally apprehend one of the snipers. He then goes on to administer life-saving medical attention to the man that attempted to take his.

I had seen the clip of the shot several times over the years, but until now, I didn’t know that the soldiers were able to capture the sniper team. Awesome. Tschiderer is a BAMF.