Insurgent Sapper Drops 2 Satchel Charges In Enemy Fighting Position

first published on March 11, 2018 by

A video out of Syria shows insurgent sapper operations as a rebel brazenly throws two satchel charges into an occupied enemy fighting position in broad daylight.

The footage starts off showing enemy forces, likely Syrian Army troops, digging out a fighting position. A fighter carries two large bags packed with explosives on a covered route to the target. The poorly-trained targeted troops failed to post a sentry to guard the working party.

He throws the bags into the hole and runs for cover. A massive blast occurs very shortly after. The attacker doesn’t seem to be seriously injured from the blast. If enemy fighters were still in the target area during the blast, they were certainly killed instantly.

insurgent sapper

The explosive devices were most likely command detonated remotely by a third party observing the action near the cameraman. By having a separate triggerman, the devices could still be detonated, had the infiltrator been killed during his approach.

The attack is carried out by the Rahman Corps insurgent group that operates mainly in East Ghouta, near Damascus. The Islamist group had previously received US-made BGM-71 TOW missiles under the Obama Administration.

The Rahman Corps’ leader, Abdul al-Nasr Shamir, was previously a captain in the Syrian Army before defecting to the rebels in 2012.


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