Insurgent Mortar Round Makes Direct Impact On Syrian Troops

first published on December 13, 2017 by

A Syrian rebel faction lands a mortar round within the ranks of pro Assad troops, undoubtedly causing casualties.

An insurgent mortar team of the Army of Victory (Jaysh al Nasr) engages Syrian troops with a well-aimed round. Multiple enemy soldiers can be seen walking in the open when the mortar round hits. At least three of the Syrian troops appeared to be within the blast kill radius of the high explosive warhead when it detonates.

Immediately following the impact, friendly troops rush to the aid of their wounded comrades to asses the situation and evacuate casualties. At that point, the rebel mortar team could have and possibly should have conducted a fire-for-effect, dropping multiple rounds on the same target to inflict more destruction as their enemy troops bunched together. However, they may have been short on ammunition or found it necessary to immediately vacate the area.

The Jaysh al Nasr group was supplied with these American-made anti tank guided TOW missiles under the Obama Administration, but it isn’t clear if the arming program has continued under more covert methods by the US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, or any of the other Sunni insurgent-supporting Arab Gulf states.

The FSA rebel group is comprised of at least a dozen smaller insurgent factions, and depending on who you talk to, is often considered a “moderate” organization. Yet, they maintain a practical alliance with hardline Islamist groups like Ahrar ash Sham and HTS (Tahrir ash Sham), which is the relatively new al Qaeda affiliate in Syria.


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