Phantom Fury: Marines Give Insurgent A Hand Grenade

first published on February 3, 2018 by

Marines find an insurgent hiding inside of a large building in Fallujah. They break the window and give him a grenade as a gift. Afterwards they make entry into the building and finish clearing it, and are engaged in a brief but brutal gunfight. Operation Phantom Fury, also known as the second battle for Fallujah, was the first full-scale engagement between Coalition Forces, and the Iraqi insurgency led by Al-Qaeda.

Fallujah Marines

After the first nine days of fighting in Fallujah, American forces were left with 54 KIA, and 425 wounded troops. 1,500 Al-Qaeda in Iraq fighters were killed during the battle, which lasted from 7 November to 23 December 2004. Total coalition casualties during the battle were 107 KIA, and 613 wounded. It is widely stated that Fallujah was the peak of violence for Operation Iraqi Freedom, and it stated that it was the heaviest fighting the United States Marine Corps was involved in since the Battle of Hue city in Vietnam.

The fighting in Fallujah would continue to intense until September of 2006 when a third push to clear the city of the insurgency would happen. After the third and final push through Fallujah was completed by Coalition forces, the Iraqi military and local law enforcement would take control of the area of operations. They would then keep that area secure until the rise of the Islamic State, when the area once again became heavily contested.

Refugee Enemy

The video below is an excerpt from a longer reel of B-Roll footage. Most of the B-Roll that was captured during Operation Phantom Fury was used in an epic motivational video about the battle. Some of it however was not used, and we have been digging through all of it to find pieces of combat footage with historical value that have not gained wide exposure as of today. We hope that by putting some of this lesser seen footage out to a larger audience, we can find some of the troops that were present to hear their stories. We would love to publish them on our platform so that they can be seen, and not forgotten.

Many stories from World War One, World War Two, Korea, and Vietnam were lost to time. Cameras were not widely in use during those times of war, and many of the stories were lost as the troops who experienced them started to pass away. It is important to remember as much about every battle as we possibly can. The lessons learned in these conflicts were paid for in blood, and those lessons need to stay with us in all future conflicts in order to make our men and women more lethal on the battlefield.


On that note, here is a video with some Marines tossing a frag grenade through a window, making entry into the building, and engaging the enemy in a fierce firefight. Let’s not forget these stories. instead, let’s take them with us into future conflicts so that we have the most lethal troops on any battlefield anywhere in the world that we may task them to fight.


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