1 US Troop Killed, 1 Wounded In Insider Attack In Afghanistan

first published on September 4, 2018 by

One US troop was killed and another wounded in an apparent insider attack in Afghanistan on Monday.

The name and unit of the deceased service member has yet be be released, pending the notification of their next of kin. The province in which the attack took place has also not been released, and reports are only specifying that it occurred in eastern Afghanistan.

The American service member’s death is the sixth in Afghanistan this year. An insider attack happened back in July when CPL Joseph Maciel was intentionally killed by an Afghan service member in Uruzgan Province in southern Afghanistan.

The service member that was wounded on Monday is reportedly in stable condition. Insider attacks in Afghanistan have been common throughout the duration of the war, but have dropped in frequency recently. Monday’s attack reaffirms the risks our own troops face, even at the hands of our allies.


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