Inside the Cockpit: A Rare Glimpse at Russia’s Attack Helicopters

first published on May 31, 2019 by

A recently released video provides a rare glimpse at Russia’s attack helicopters during a military aviation training exercise in the Crimea.

It’s not often that you get to see inside the cockpit of Russia’s attack helicopters while in action. However, a recently released video does just that during a Russia military exercise called Aviadarts 2019. According to the website, “Aviadarts is an yearly Russian all-Army competition attended by units of the Aerospace Forces, four military districts and the Northern Fleet (and invited foreign air arms, such as China’s People’s Liberation Army Air Force – PLAAF, that took part in the previous editions).”

The Mi-28N Night Hunter, the infamous Mi-35, and the twin rotor Ka-52 Alligator all make appearances during the video as they blast various targets with guns and rockets.