Insane Ukrainian Mercenaries Shoot At Each Other For Training

first published on October 14, 2015 by

White-Wolf training company in the Ukraine puts students through rigorous mental toughness challenge.

Not a single thing on this planet can ever prepare you for the first time a round snaps by your face. Or at least that’s what I thought until I saw the training techniques being used by White Wolf in the Ukraine. These guys throw safety out the window and ensure that training is indeed paramount in all of their activities.

Students run in a circle around instructors as the instructors take pot shots at them with Ak-47’s. Any person with even the most minute amount of firearms handling instruction will surely be cringing at this video. It seems like insanity watching these instructors fire at their students while they run laps.

This video alone speaks on the lack of proper training these guys have. It’s one thing to train yourself in a realistic environment. It’s another thing entirely to risk the safety of your students to do so. One poorly placed round, or mistake in fundamental marksmanship and these guys are doing a productive realistic rehearsal in combat life saving.

A suggestion to the members of White-Wolf. Tone your training down a little bit. Keep it realistic, but do not risk the lives and safety of your students to provide realistic training. You can acquire these same skill sets through other means. Ensure the units sending their men to you maintain the fighters they send you, and return them in better working conditions than when they arrived.