Insane Combat Insertion Caught On Apache FLIR

first published on November 24, 2015 by

Watch this insane maneuver, pulled off in order to drop troops off on a rooftop in Iraq.

I’m not entirely sure how these pilots even fit their lower extremities into these aircraft anymore. This pilots skill and ability with his aircraft is so extreme, that even the Apache pilot, providing over-watch, is absolutely stunned.

Note: Some sound has been removed for the purpose of OpSec

There is not a shadow of doubt in my mind, this pilot is either absolutely insane, or he’s one of the best pilots in SOAR. He literally dropped his skids onto an area roughly the size of a picnic table. The capability of these aircraft, and their pilots have absolutely blown my mind in the past few weeks. If you are in possession of any footage similar to this, please head over to our forums and post it.

Insane Little Bird Skills

To take this versatile little aircraft one step further, Boeing has decided to make it an unmanned aircraft. If these things are capable of this much with a pilot at the controls, imagine what they’ll be able to do as an unmanned platform. I’m excited to see the unmanned platform in action, because the craft is going to fly about 1,000 times faster without the pilots lower half weighing it down.


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