Insane Body Cam Footage: Man Attacks Police With A Knife

first published on July 3, 2019 by

Insane body cam footage released by police in Athens, Georgia shows police responding to a call about a blood-covered man holding a knife and the horrific situation that ensued.

insane body cam

The event occurred at approximately 12:30 p.m. at 1005 Macon Highway. When Athens-Clarke County police arrived at the scene they immediately saw the suspect, Aaron Hong, 23, holding a knife.

They drew their service weapons and repeatedly called for him to drop the knife. Hong not only refused to comply to the police demands, but started walking after them with the weapon.

The police continuously stepped backwards, attempting to keep out of striking distance, all while calling for him to drop the blade. Hong followed them for several feet until they were out of the residential cul-de-sac and onto the highway where more emergency vehicles were staged.

At that point, Hong sprinted after one of the officers, and the officer fired several shots at Hong, hitting him at least once. Hong initially fell to the ground and the officer made the mistake of not reloading his firearm and then replacing it in his holster.

Within seconds, the suspect was back on his feet and sprinting, again, at the officer who didn’t have his gun drawn. Hong tackled the cop and began assaulting him with the knife. The other officer had to make his shots count as his buddy’s head was within inches of Hong’s.

He fired four shots at Hong, likely striking him in the head and upper torso. Hong died at the scene of his wounds, and the assaulted officer was treated for minor injuries.

Athens-Clarke County Police Chief Cleveland Spruill Sr. said of the incident, “We never want to take another person’s life, we just absolutely don’t.”

He went on to explain the reasoning for releasing the video, “I really wanted people to see what our officers were doing to try to prevent (officer involved shootings) and having to take the steps that they did. At a point, you could hear in their voices pleading to put the knife down, and we don’t want to do this, and we can help you.”


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