Helmet Cam: Turret Gunner Injured After RPG Strike

first published on November 30, 2017 by

Soldiers in a hellacious gunfight with the Taliban are hit by a direct shot from an RPG. This is the helmet camera video of their gunfight.

Chilling RPG

At the moment, there is not much information available about this particular piece of combat footage. It appears to have been recorded by members of the U.S. Army in Afghanistan during a gunfight with the Taliban. It is unclear what time-frame the video was recorded, and which unit was involved. If anyone has any further information about this particular video, please shoot us a message on Facebook so that we can add more context to the video for the sake of record keeping.

All that can really be said for sure about this video is that the unit’s convoy was ambushed while en-route to their destination. Judging by the uniform of the troops, and the terrain in the video, we can determine that this is most likely members of the U.S. Army operating somewhere in Afghanistan. Somewhere during the return fire, one of the convoy’s vehicles was struck by what appears to be a rocket propelled grenade. The resulting explosion set the target vehicle on fire, and appears to injure one of the service members that was using that vehicle as his fighting position.

As more information becomes available about this video, we will update this post.


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