Infantry Rush Tank With Grenade, Visible Crew Forced Into Machine Gun Fire

first published on October 6, 2015 by

Members of the FSA out maneuver a Syrian Army tank and drop a grenade inside. The tank crew retreats under a hail of fire from the FSA.

It is generally thought that the tank is the bane of the infantry. I find this to be a fallacy. Shown in this video is what happens when a tank puts itself into a bad position for even a few minutes.

The mission of the infantry is to close with and destroy the enemy through fire, maneuver, and close combat. Tanks were not designed with close combat in mind. A single group of infantrymen can out maneuver a tank and destroy it.

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The most effective way to destroy a tank as an infantryman: Pick up a radio and call for the Iceman. However if you aren’t fighting with direct big military support this might not be an option for you. Don’t fret though, this isn’t the only way to kill a tank as a grunt. Throughout all modern warfare the infantry has been adapting its tactics and techniques in order to achieve victory against these tracked monsters.

Burning Tank

First we have The bazooka, RPG, AT4, Gustav, SMAW, etc. Anti-Tank rockets are probably your most effective way to stop a tank. These fire and forget projectiles were all designed with the tank in mind.

Step one, Aim rocket firing device at tanks flank.
Step two, Fire.
Step three, Forget.
Step four, Kill the remaining tank crew.


If the anti-tank rocket isn’t something you have access to. Your next logical step for destroying a tank is the infantry favorite. The hand grenade. Out maneuver the tank, and put one of these bad boys in the most inconvenient locations you can find. In WW2 Allied infantry would often slam a grenade into the barrel of a Panzer tank using the butt of their rifles.


When all else fails we get down and dirty with the field craft. Let’s say you don’t have any air support, you’re fresh out of rockets, and you have absolutely no grenades left. The tanks are on the way, and all you have left is some JP-8 and empty bottles of Jack. Make yourself up some molotov cocktails and drop them on the engine block. You can disable the tank this way, and heat it up enough where the crew has to retreat from the confines of their armor. This is a proven, well known infantry tactic.


Tanks are behemoths. There is no doubt that they are one of the most devastating pieces of machinery in modern warfare today. Never fear though infantrymen, you have the power of maneuver and close combat.