Independent Journalist Gets Ambushed During Embed With Kurds

first published on October 27, 2016 by

An independent journalist and documentary film maker, embedded with the Kurds for the Battle of Mosul, comes under fire during an ambush.

The career field of conventional journalism is suffering. Social media, corporate dollars, small blogs and independent journalists are destroying the scene for larger institutions such as Fox news and CNN. Emile Ghessen, a former boot-neck British Royal Marine, is one of the men helping destroy conventional journalism through his actions and reporting on the ground.

This is one of his latest field reports coming straight out of Mosul. He, and the Kurds he is embedded with, come under direct fire from ISIS combatants as they advance on a small village on the outskirts of Mosul, Iraq. There are no corporate dollars fluffing Emile’s bank account. He is on the ground, 100% unpaid, of his own free will documenting the battle so we can have an unbiased and real look at the scene as it unfolds.

Take notes Wolf Blitzer, this is what Journalism looks like.

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