Incredibly Close Call With Taliban Sniper Captured On Video

first published on September 26, 2019 by

An unconfirmed video shows an American soldier’s incredibly close call with a Taliban sniper’s bullet in Afghanistan.

While there is little information to go on regarding the video, there are a few things we can gather from its contents.

These soldiers knew they were being watched by a sniper. They were hunkered down behind sandbags and the blue tarp was there to mask their activity.

A junior enlisted soldier gets instructed to do some task that forces him to expose himself. A nearby soldier playing a prank on him yells “BOOM” to scare him, and unintentionally predicts the sniper attack.

A enemy round crashes into the wall behind the soldier, he appears to have been grazed or struck by some sort of shrapnel or ricocheting debris. He quickly scrambles for cover while his compassionless buddies tell him, “You’re fine.”


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