In the Kill House With U.S. and Polish Spec Ops

first published on April 28, 2016 by

Here’s a look inside a “kill house” with the U.S. Army’s 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) doing bilateral training with their Polish special forces (PSOF) counterparts.

The exercise begins with a series of Blackhawk helicopter fast rope insertions onto the shoot house roof. In the first iteration, it appears the helicopter crew releases the rope a second too soon and sends the operator tumbling. That’s why they practice this. This training is where the mistakes need to be made, so they don’t happen on actual missions.

As soon as they hit the roof, they establish security and then set an explosive breaching charge on the door. A great camera angle shows the effect of the blast from inside the building.

The elite troops immediately enter and begin clearing rooms. During the first few trials they use what appear to be some sort of UTM or simmunition, which are non lethal rounds. This allows the teams to work out any kinks without a the risk of severe injury or death.

The troops are working on their footwork, points of domination, and communication. Once they have that squared away, the begin using live rounds for the close quarter battle (CQB) drills.

The video is limited in showing the actual scope of training that occurs in these kill house scenarios. Magazines are often sabotaged with spent rounds to force the operators to perform immediate action on their carbines while the rest of the fire team provides cover.

Other training scenarios include treating or evacuating wounded friendlies while still in an hostile dwelling. Also, considerations are given as to what is done with detainees and civilians as they are encountered, while there is still more structure to clear.