Illegals Swarm Border Under Tear Gas And Rubber Bullets

first published on November 26, 2018 by

The situation on the southern border has escalated significantly as the horde of illegals swarm entry control points between Tijuana and Sand Diego, prompting tear gas and a partial border shutdown.

illegals swarm

A massive group composed of mostly military-aged foreign national males mobbed border points in an attempt to illegally gain entry into the US. The illegal invasion force threw rocks and glass bottles at Border Patrol agents who responded with tear gas in an attempt to disperse the violent legion.

The mainstream media continues to show images of the few women and children, while pushing the “think of the children” narrative. However, the video speaks for itself, this is a large force of grown men.

Interestingly, large flags of Honduras can be seen waving throughout the throng. One would think that if your country isn’t worth fighting for, and you’re attempting to seek asylum from a different nation, you wouldn’t belligerently hoist the colors of the failed nation you left behind as you storm the borders of another.

US Customs and Border Protection closed the San Ysidro port of entry entirely as the group of several hundred illegals attempted to cross into the US.