Multiple IED’s Hit Saudi Troops: Gotta Watch for Secondary’s

first published on December 2, 2017 by

Saudi troops wander into a Houthi trap of multiple IED’s, which explode in fireball’s. One unlucky soldier runs out of a burning truck and into another fiery detonation.

Saudi troops wander into a carefully laid Houthi trap, hitting an IED with an unarmored pickup and igniting the gas tank. Fortunately for the occupants, the blast hits below the bed of the truck which stays upright and rolls off an embankment. Now fully engulfed in flames, at least one Saudi soldier manages to get out of the burning wreckage. Another Saudi pickup appears to check out the blast and the downed friendly vehicle, but quickly drives off forcing the surviving soldier to make a run for it.

The lone and weaponless survivor sprints down the hill in the direction of the friendly vehicle. Just when he probably thinks things can’t get any worse, he runs right into another IED buried in the center of the road. Likely a command detonated IED, this secondary explodes in a fireball just a few meters in front of the soldier.

While it explodes prematurely and he appears far enough from the blast to possible survive it, he is certainly close enough to have caught lateral frag and the mind shaking concussion of the blast. His second in just a few short minutes. He falls forward into the huge dust cloud and disappears – his fate unknow as the video conveniently cuts out after providing its propaganda value and use to the Houthi rebels.

Checking for secondary IED’s is something taught ad-nauseum in most pre-deployment work ups for professional militaries; if it’s not, it should be. It is however, something easily forgotten in the chaos and concussed confusion just moments after having the vehicle you were riding in get rocked by an explosion. With the friendly pickup wisely not remaining to close to the kill-zone, the desperate and unlucky soldier make’s an ill-advised and hasty break for it down the compromised road, right into another detonation. Concussed or not, you’ve gotta watch for secondary’s.


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