IED Team Prematurely Detonates Device On Themselves

first published on February 3, 2016 by

A group of Taliban fighters encounter a catastrophic malfunction with the device they are trying to put in place. Time to find a new team of IED placers.

The keyword in improvised explosive device, is improvised. These bombs are often made out of homemade explosives, with hair triggers that are set to detonate on just about anything. Unfortunately (not really) for these guys, they didn’t get the volatility brief before setting out to put this IED in.

Improvised explosive devices are not a new entry to the battlefield, nor are they exclusive to the Global War on Terror. In fact, the earliest improvised explosives date back to WWI where Ernst J√ľnger mentions in his war memoir that they were used to cover the retreat of German troops.

Device World War One

Today IED’s have evolved to an entirely different level. Where they were once used as booby-traps to slow forces down, they are now used as an offensive weapon. Instead of being used to halt the actions of a superior force, they are now used to initiate ambushes against them.

Device Today

As the technology used to create these devices continues to evolve, they are showing that they will not be leaving battlefields any time soon.


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