Daesh Fighter Fails IED School – Blows Himself Up

first published on May 12, 2017 by

A fighter from the failing Islamic State manages to continue their losing streak by blowing himself up with his own improvised explosive device. Luckily, the Iraqi Army Aviation Unit was getting ready to hit him with some bombs, so they captured the entire event on tape for the whole world to see. Imagine what was going through the pilot’s mind as this Daesh-bag blew himself to smithereens just before the pilot was able to pull the trigger.

fails ied school

When the Iraqi Army’s Aviation Unit spots a Daesh fighter on the road, laying in an improvised explosive device, they are forced to make a few calls to higher headquarters before they are able to engage the target. Just like when coalition forces were present in the country, the number one objective is to always establish positive identification of a legitimate military threat before engaging in order to minimize collateral damage to civilians. Imagine what it would be like to be making those calls to higher headquarters in order to get clearance to fire, and then watching your target blow himself sky high with an improvised explosive device. That’s exactly what happen in this video.

As the Islamic State fighter moves into the street, and starts to put in the device that he intends to use as a weapon against the Iraqi Army, he quickly realizes that he didn’t pay enough attention in IED School. The pilot keeps his weapons trained on the fighter, and continues recording what he believes will be a strike against the fighter, but instead manages to capture the moment that the fighter blows himself up. Due to the lower quality of the Iraqi Aviation Unit’s camera equipment, we can’t really tell what went wrong with the device, but we can tell that there is no way the Islamic State fighter managed to survive his explosive encounter with his own failed device.

ied school thumb

If I were the pilot, I think there would be some mixed emotions about the situation. On one hand, he was getting ready to put some warheads directly on an Islamic State fighter’s forehead, which was going to surely be the highlight of his day. On the other hand, the fighter still managed to have a failure of epic proportions, resulting in his own highly explosive death at his own hands, and the pilot got to see it first=hand directly out of his cockpit window. So, it’s actually really hard to tell if the pilot should be disappointed that he didn’t get to drop bombs on the ISIS fighter, or if he should be happy that he got to witness such stupidity first hand.

Forewarning, the quality of the video below is a little rough around the edges. This is a result of the Iraqi Aviation Unit having lower quality cameras mounted to their air platforms than what we are currently used to from first-world military super powers. A majority of their funding is going towards more important military infrastructure inside of the unit, like purchasing better aircraft and training better pilots. while maintaining a higher level of maintenance due to their increased operational tempo. That said, the video itself is still worth watching, because you get a clear enough view of the Daesh-bag blowing himself into oblivion with his own IED.


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