Fireball IED Engulfs Police Motorcycle Convoy In Venezuela

first published on July 31, 2017 by

A Venezuelan police motorcycle convoy conducts a show of force as protestors and reporters stand in the streets. Suddenly, a bright, fiery explosion erupts from the median, sending dazzling sparks out from the ball of flame, in what appears to be a targeted IED attack. The device seems to be a crudely-made bomb consisting of gasoline and possibly some sort of recreational firework being used as a blasting cap.

After the smoke and flame dissipate, the damage doesn’t appear to be significant, indicating that the bomb maker may have not used any shrapnel ingredients during construction, and instead relied on the fire aspect of the explosion to inflict the damage. Instantly, the crowd of protestors begins to applaud and cheer as the police start firing tear gas in their direction.


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