IED Explosion Flips MRAP In Afghanistan

first published on February 28, 2016 by

During a routine mounted patrol in Afghanistan, an IED detonates feet in front of a moving MRAP causing it to flip onto its side.

Seconds before this MRAP hits an IED, the device explodes. It appears as if the explosion either collapses the side of the road in front of the vehicle, causing the vehicle to flip, or the explosion itself pushes the vehicle onto its side.

The moment the device is triggered, and the explosion takes out the road. Note the distance between the device, and the MRAP.

MRAP Explosion

I’m leaning more towards the vehicle drove into the crater, and the sudden angle shift caused the vehicle to flip. Either way, I’m just thankful that there were no casualties in this video, and all individuals survived with nothing more than bumps and bruises.